Advice for leaders

Effective teaching and learning programs and practices are underpinned by sound policy, by appropriate structural arrangements and by supportive institutional cultures that facilitate uptake and embedding of practice. Addressing the particular needs of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds at university requires more than enthusiasts and champions in often-isolated pockets of the university. An institution-wide approach is necessary and a policy framework that incorporates and embeds the components of teaching and learning and assessment related principles and procedures that facilitate the success of these students provides the structure for that institution-wide approach. Drawing on the expertise of both academic and professional staff and leaders, advice on developing and embedding effective policy has been developed for those charged with such responsibility within institutions.

Practical Advice for Institutional Policy Makers and Leaders

An earlier (2010) study at Deakin University produced the following paper that may be of interest to those in leadership roles:

Devlin, M. and O’Shea, H. (2011). Directions for Australian higher education institutional policy and practice in supporting students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 33(5) 529-535.  DOI: 10.1080/1360080X.2011.605227.