Resources for professional development

Improving the quality of teaching, learning and support for low SES students is more than a one-off endeavor. Ongoing high quality professional development is critical to ensuring that not only are existing academic and professional staff kept up to date with thinking and developments in the field but that new staff, including sessional staff, are inducted into effective practice in terms of teaching and supporting low SES students.

The project has developed materials that can be used for professional development purposes to assist in the ongoing work that will be necessary to ensure the sector is providing the inclusive teaching necessary to facilitate LSES student success.

The major outcomes of the project to support professional development will be launched in mid September 2012 and then added to the website.  Some of the materials to be used alongside these major outcomes can be found here.

Practical strategies for engaging students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds: Workshop

Teaching inclusively for LSES and all students: A workshop

Students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds: Lessons for institutional leaders