Advice for teaching staff

Reporting on her large study on inclusive teaching carried out in the UK, Griffiths (2010) observes that, "many of those interviewed said that they found implementing inclusion the most challenging part of their work and they were hungry for ideas on how to translate the rhetoric of policy into practice" (p. 3) and that they "often came unstuck when translating an inclusive policy into practice at classroom level" (p. 8). Anecdotally, the research team are aware of the same "hunger" in Australian higher education. Using the existing expertise in the literature, among experienced academic and professional staff, and academic and professional practitioner team members, this project will produce practical guidelines for academic staff, including sessional staff, on how to effectively facilitate the learning of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Recognising that university staff are busy and have many competing agendas, the central objective of this resource will be clear, unambiguous, usable advice.


Practical Advice for Teaching Staff


Griffiths, S. (2010). Teaching for Inclusion in Higher Education: A guide to practice. Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom and All Ireland Society for Higher Education.